Q: What is your style of photography?
A: I would say I excel in a classically candid form of photojournalism. I am a Wedding & Engagement Photographer who was blessed with an ability to see things before they happen. Much of this comes from years of experience, but at the same time it’s honestly something I’m naturally good at: I’ve always had a knack for being able to tell stories through images instead of just words.

Q: Where do you shoot weddings? Do you travel?
A: I am based out the Pittsburgh Area, but I am able to travel pretty much anywhere, I enjoy the road, visiting new places and meeting new people. My cameras and I have traveled throughout the United States and I believe I take something with me from everywhere I visit. In Pittsburgh I most often find myself shooting Photography Sessions around Mt. Lebanon, Cranberry, Upper St. Clair and Oakland, PA. To be completely honest: I’m happy wherever I do photography sessions, because I enjoy my job and love working with people.

Q: When can we expect to see our images, and where can we view them?
A: Every couple receive their edited images on a harddrive and will be able to see their images presented in person at the location of your choosing (typically in the Pittsburgh Area). Your images will be ready within three weeks after your wedding date guaranteed.

Q: What type of cameras and backup equipment do you use?
A: I have all Nikon Full-Frame cameras that are popular among professionals throughout the world. All my files are shot in RAW and when shooting, then every shot is backed up instantly thanks to dual card technology. I always have two cameras on my body and another camera within reach. My lenses are all pro-quality glass shooting apertures at 2.8 or lower. The quality of the glass is important because it allows me to shoot in low light while still maintaining a natural feel and tone . In addition to having great cameras and lenses, I also shoot with enough off camera lightning that beautiful shots will come out of the darkest venue. No matter the situation, you can rest assured that I am prepared.

Q: Do You Edit Your Photos?
A: Yes, any images that you receive from me will have gone through post-processing. Whether it’s through Lightroom, Aperture or Photoshop, every image from your wedding or engagement shoot has been enhanced, while retaining a natural look and elegant feel.

Q: Do you have Insurance?
A: I do

Q: Do you do engagement shoots?
A: I do

Q: Do You Provide Albums?
A: Absolutely, my higher-end packages come with your choice of albums ranging various sizes and length.

Q: Do you provide second photographers
A:Yes, I have several photographers that I've worked with in the past who I work well with and are skilled in the profession. 

Q: Do you off camera lighting?
A:Thanks to Randi Voss( shout out:)) I do, and love it.

Q: Do You Travel?
A:Yes, I love traveling and experiencing new venues and people.

Q: Favorite Romantic Comedies?
A: Love Actually, Wedding Crashers and About a Boy 

Q:Favorite Musical Artists?
Boyz to Men, Darius Rucker, The Killers, Jay-Z, Norah Jones and Outkast

Q: Favorite Football Team?
A: Georgia Bulldogs!


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